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Night or day, fun or formal, these earrings have the essence of spring that you will enjoy every season. They make a stylish gift for women of all ages. Though you can wear them to work, you will want to enjoy them on the weekend, too. Since they are light and elegant, they feel playful and whimsical but not too childish.

Sterling silver flower blossoms

Our studded earrings with a chain have movement and energy. You can pair them with jeans, but they are still appropriate for more formal events. They are unusual enough to be noticeable, yet classic enough a professional setting. They bring a special flair to the collection.  Perhaps you will notice it best of all with our Spring Time chain pendant and ring. They are sure to captivate the attention of your friends.

About the jewellery

Spring Time earrings with dangling flower buds.

Between the two silver flower buds is “diamond” cut chain that gives it a sparkling look.

The earrings are made from Rhodium plated sterling silver.

Size: H: 47mm

Product code: asa0010-12-P


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